LEO’s collaborative staffing structure incorporates the strengths of each member of our team to conduct top-tier impact evaluations and find research-driven, actionable solutions to poverty. Our full-time staff works closely with researchers and social service providers to continually deliver high-quality evaluations, identify innovative new projects and communicate our results to policymakers, all towards our greater goal of working to reduce poverty.

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LEO’s Co-founders work diligently to drive the mission of our organization and oversee projects as principal investigators. They work with the University of Notre Dame and our generous donors to secure funding for our many projects, and direct staff activities on topics ranging from research design to data analysis.


LEO’s board is composed of leaders from the fields of academia, business, public policy, and social service. The board provides LEO with insights and guidance on an ongoing basis.

Faculty Affiliates

LEO’s research network is comprised of faculty affiliates from universities around the country with experience evaluating anti-poverty programs. LEO identifies interesting projects and matches them to academic researchers with appropriate expertise.


LEO's staff includes directors of research, operations, and project development as well as a team of full-time research faculty and research associates.  Research faculty serve as principal investigators on impact evaluations, oversee research, and maintain close contact with partners from the early stages of a project through its completion. Staff members are responsible for maintaining a professional research lab, investigating new projects, developing relationships with partners, supporting grant and donor funding, leading dissemination efforts, and providing project management for all active LEO projects.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

LEO’s research assistants play an indispensable role in all stages of our projects. From preliminary research to data analysis and drafting papers, research assistants gain exposure to top-tier impact evaluations and assist in some of the most important aspects of our projects while gaining hands-on experience working directly with the data.