Reducing poverty and improving lives
through evidence-based programs and policies

What We Do How We Do It

All Chicago
“This [LEO] study shows that when we invest a small amount in individuals and families who face the threat of losing their home, we are able to prevent families from facing an unnecessary crisis.”
- Nonie Brennan, CEO of All Chicago
Sparrow Mobile
“Our goal is for RefugeeMobile to become a standard practice in refugee resettlement and without the proper measurement, analysis and research that would not be possible... LEO is providing an invaluable resource to RefugeeMobile.”
- Matt Bauer, CEO and Co-Founder at Sparrow
International Rescue Committee
“Prof. Evans’s work is disbanding myths and provides indisputable evidence on the successful integration of refugees in the United States and its long term benefits”
- Hans van de Weerd, Vice President US Programs, IRC