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We partner with service providers who want to disrupt the anti-poverty space. They realize that decades of “business as usual” have not sufficiently turned the tide on poverty and have left us with scant understanding of what works to lift lives up. 

They are early adopters, generating innovative ideas about ways to end the cycle of poverty for American families. 

As poverty’s fiercest adversaries, they also have the courage to test their ideas—to power their service with research, build evidence, and share what works with more people who need it. They believe that rigorous research can be an end to poverty and a new beginning for millions of families who are ready to thrive.

We work with partners with whom we have a common value system. A LEO partner:

  • Believes in the people they serve. They see the families they work with as people with strengths that can be leveraged for their success. They believe that these families deserve to and can live their best lives.
  • Has leaders whose vision is to identify solutions that address the root causes of poverty. Their leadership has a well-articulated vision for solving the problems that the people they serve face. The organization has a clear end goal, and the entire team—top to bottom—is rallied around it.
  • Offers thoughtful interventions. The services they provide are tied to the organization’s end goal. They have a theory of change and understand that evidence is key to learning.
  • Nurtures a culture of learning that generates solutions in the fight against poverty. The organization has a process for learning and improvement, and backs this commitment with resources. They already evaluate their services at some level, and have changed some aspect of the way they do business based on something this evaluation has shown them. They are committed to learning, even when the discovery is something they were not expecting.

All of our partners are navigating the complexities of poverty, leading to research projects in the areas of housing and homelessness, health, criminal justice, education, self-sufficiency, and other emerging areas.  


We’re partnering on more than 80 projects around the country.

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