Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partners share our goal to disrupt the anti-poverty space by creating evidence. These relationships often lead to identifying poverty-related topical areas--such as criminal justice or housing--that can bring together stakeholders from the social service, academic, and philanthropic sectors to produce new research.

  • Notre Dame's Department of Economics

    The Department of Economics strives to provide the highest quality instruction in modern economic analysis and to conduct innovative research, while fostering the Catholic mission of the University. LEO is an example of the Department's commitment to both academic excellence and Catholic mission. The Department of Economics gives LEO a home that fosters our innovative research. We are proud to have many Notre Dame applied microeconomists conducting research with us.
  • Notre Dame's Fitzgerald Real Estate Institute

    The Fitzgerald Real Estate Institute (FIRE) is an interdisciplinary University institute that educates and inspires the next generation of real estate professionals while focusing on fundamental questions about how people invest, build, and develop can contribute to the common good. LEO and FIRE have joined forces to focus on moving people out of poverty and homelessness and into permanent, affordable housing.