Frederick LaBrecque

Project Development Manager

Why LEO?

In the fight against poverty, there is no shortage of energy or resources. And there is certainly no lack of smart, good-hearted people who have devoted their lives to the cause. Unfortunately, I’ve too often witnessed my colleagues in the nonprofit sphere shy away from the rigorous testing required to measure impact, iterate, and replicate success. Research is hard, but the only thing worse than doing research is not knowing if what you’re doing is working. I’m inspired by LEO’s mission, and perhaps even more so, by the frontline organizations who bravely agree to partner with us in this difficult, important work.


As Project Development Manager, Fred is responsible for identifying and vetting organizations who are fighting poverty with creative and effective programs, ultimately facilitating their entry into the research pipeline. Before coming to LEO, Fred spent over two decades at the intersection of the academic and nonprofit worlds, from working with underserved families in remote Native Alaskan villages to overseeing large-scale DOD research initiatives in Washington, DC. Fred received his BA in Pre-professional Studies and English from the University of Notre Dame.

Office: 3101 Jenkins Nanovic Hall