Nicholas Nguyen

Research Associate

Why LEO?

As a second-generation Vietnamese immigrant, I value representation and as an aspiring economist, I believe that research is a critical mechanism for distributive justice. And so, I resonate with LEO’s practice of listening to service providers in order to identify creative, practical, and replicable solutions that disrupt the trap of poverty. I am excited to be part of this team united in spirit, goal, and purpose. Together, we use rigorous impact evaluations to better inform the people who understand firsthand the complexities of poverty. I hope to apply my skills and knowledge in concrete practice and learn along the way how to best serve others as a researcher.


As a research associate, Nick works closely with charitable organizations to empirically analyze the impact their work has on the lives of those they serve. He is involved in every step of the research process from collaborating with partners in research design, to managing project implementation and data collection, and to analyzing and disseminating results. Prior to joining LEO, Nick earned a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics from Pomona College. He plans to go to graduate school to obtain a Ph.D. in Economics in the hopes of becoming a professor. His research interests include immigration, development, and labor economics.

Office: 4054 Jenkins Nanovic Hall