Laura Connelly

Assistant Director of Poverty Research Fellows

Why LEO?

"LEO's work is life-giving and transformative. I believe at the intersection of LEO's mission to end domestic poverty and Notre Dame's mission to be a powerful force for good in the world through an unsurpassed undergraduate education, you will find the Poverty Research Fellows. I'm thrilled to be on the team working to grow the number of undergraduate students who understand the value of using evidence to fight poverty and will carry this knowledge with them to impact the world beyond Notre Dame."


As the Assistant Director of Poverty Research Fellows, Laura leads the Poverty Research Fellows team which works to grow LEO's undergraduate student program through a robust internship program, academic coursework, and immersive learning experiences. Laura began at Notre Dame in 2016 as the Assistant Director for Housing Assignments and Data Analysis within Residential Life, and then served as the Senior Counselor to the Vice President for Student Affairs for six years before joining the LEO team. She earned her BA in Public Relations and Master's in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies with an emphasis on Higher Education Administration at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Office: 3110 Jenkins Nanovic Hall