Patrick Borders

Dissemination Associate

Why LEO?

I joined the University of Notre Dame because I wanted to work for an institution with a core mission that resonated with me. After seven years of being at the University, it is apparent that LEO's mission of turning the tides of poverty could not be a better representation of what the University is trying to do -- be a force for good in the world.


As dissemination associate, Patrick is responsible for working with our partner organizations to best share the results of LEO's research, through briefings, presentation, events, and other communication efforts, in order to increase the impact of services partners are providing. Patrick has been with the University of Notre Dame since 2015 -- first as a digital marketing specialist in Development, then in the Office of the President as assistant director. Patrick has a BA in Political Science and an MBA from Wake Forest University.

Phone: 574.631.9339
Office: Jenkins Nanovic 1020 cubicle