Manuela Casti Yeagley

Faculty Affiliate and Data Manager

Why LEO?

“I have chosen to work in anti-poverty research LEO because I believe in the power of meaningful and impactful research in addressing seemingly intractable societal challenges. I’m proud of LEO's commitment to building powerful bridges between the world of academia and the often-unsung work of service providers who work hard to make a difference in the lives of so many every day. LEO’s vision of helping service providers invest in the most effective strategies, equipping them with data to support their fund-raising efforts, and bringing the insights emerging from their work to policy-makers' table deeply aligns with my values and professional commitments.”  


As a Faculty Affiliate and Data Manager, Manuela is responsible for expanding and stewarding LEO’s rich community of expert anti-poverty researchers across the United States. Her work focuses on supporting faculty affiliates from different USA academic institutions to develop strong connections with LEO, work efficiently with its team, and create meaningful and productive cooperation with service providers and their anti-poverty initiatives. Before working at LEO, Manuela was a Notre Dame research faculty in the Wellbeing at Work/Flourishing in Ministry Project (Mendoza College of Business), where she led and coordinated research in workplace well-being in partnership with a broad range of organizations, including non-profits. She is currently involved in research on gender in religious workplaces.

Office: 3110 Jenkins Nanovic Hall