Leigh Lynes

External Relations Specialist

Why LEO?

“I believe that poverty is a human-made problem, and so it's humankind’s responsibility to fix this injustice. At LEO, I get to be part of a great collective effort to do that, working and believing with so many other poverty-fighters that one day, we will see an end to poverty.

Poverty won’t be solved by one person or even one sector. One of the things that inspires me in my role is getting to see so many people from all different walks of life interested in building and using evidence to solve poverty. I also love to sing the praises of our provider partners–they already bring their expertise, innovation, and compassion to their work by serving their communities. Adding research into the mix takes an extra dose of courage and commitment. They’re the real heroes of this work.”


Leigh helps tell the story of LEO’s work with our social service providers–poverty’s fiercest adversaries–and what we are learning together about what works to lift families out of poverty. Before joining LEO, Leigh worked for over a decade on the Administrative team at Catholic Charities Fort Worth.

Email: llynes@nd.edu
Phone: 574.631.0629
Office: Jenkins Nanovic 3102