Rachel Fulcher Dawson

Associate Director of Dissemination and Policy

Why LEO?

“I joined LEO because my work in education policy and early childhood education research has shown me the power of evidence in improving outcomes for our most vulnerable populations. This work is meaningful to me because I think research, policy, and practice should never operate in silos and LEO commits every day to bringing the best and brightest from each of those areas to fight poverty together.

I enjoy working with all of our talented researchers and staff to problem solve, ask important questions, and think about how each study connects to the greater whole of our work.”


Rachel oversees the dissemination team, which focuses on sharing our research results and information to everyone who can benefit from it—providers in the field, researchers, policymakers, and funders. Rachel received her BA in Political Science from Marquette University, her MA in Public Policy and Management from the University of Maryland, and her PhD in Education Policy from Michigan State University. Before joining the LEO team, Rachel consulted with nonprofits, schools, and state governments and worked for the federal government at the Department of Education and on Capitol Hill. At Notre Dame, she’s a Concurrent Adjunct Professor in the Education, Schooling, and Society program and is an Affiliate of the Institution for Educational Initiatives (IEI). Rachel is also an Affiliate of Notre Dame’s Program for Interdisciplinary Education Research (PIER).

Email: rfulcher@nd.edu
Phone: 574.631.6118
Office: Jenkins Nanovic 1020E