Jonathan Tebes

Assistant Research Professor of Economics

Area of Specialization

Labor and public economics

Why LEO?

"I joined LEO because it has cultivated a network of researchers, service providers, and policymakers interested in using the economics toolkit to identify innovative, effective, and scalable policies that break the cycle of poverty. I’m particularly excited by LEO’s close ties to practitioners, as these collaborations allow us to better listen to the voices of those living in poverty and hear innovative ideas from people on the frontline. I believe that this process–the pairing of economic research and real-world insight–will enable us to converge faster to a more just society. One where growing up poor does not come with as many obstacles and disadvantages."


As research faculty, John collaborates with service providers to evaluate their impact on the lives of their clients and document their potential to disrupt poverty. This involves partnering with non-profit partners to design impact evaluations, collecting and analyzing data, and writing up results in academic papers. He is an Assistant Research Professor in the Economics Department at the University of Notre Dame. Before coming to LEO, John received his B.S. in Economics from M.I.T. and a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University. His research has touched on various topics in labor and public economics related to economic mobility and poverty alleviation, including mentoring and coaching services, policing, public housing, criminal justice, and education.


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Phone: 574-631-2398
Office: 3077