Fran Gallagher

Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships

Why LEO?

"I joined LEO because I fell in love with the mission to end poverty by building evidence and sharing best practices. In order to make a difference, we desperately need to understand what works and what doesn't - I love that at LEO we lean in to our strengths and pair rigorous research with innovative, thoughtful programs to help the most vulnerable move out of poverty."


As Project Development Manager, Fran is responsible for identifying and vetting organizations who are fighting poverty with creative and effective programs, ultimately facilitating their entry into the research pipeline. Before coming to LEO, Fran spent 5 years at J.P. Morgan working in the Private Bank in Chicago and southern California. Fran received her BA in the Program of Liberal Studies from the University of Notre Dame.

Phone: 574.631.8950
Office: Jenkins Nanovic 1020 cubicle