Brendan Perry

Head of Research Operations

Why LEO?

“I’m passionate about using science to end poverty. In addition to learning from innovative service providers across the country, working for LEO offers me the chance to utilize my quantitative skills to improve lives. I’m grateful for the daily opportunity to work alongside passionate service providers and thoughtful academics as we explore ways to embed research into our partners’ programming.”


As the Head of Research Operations, Brendan manages LEO's team of Research Associates with the goal of successfully launching and completing impact evaluations that lead to meaningful change. Brendan started his career with LEO as a Research Associate, supporting active research projects in the field, and later served as LEO's Project Design Manager. Prior to moving into his current role at LEO, Brendan earned his MA in Public Policy from University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy and worked as an Economic Consultant at Analysis Group in Chicago. Brendan completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame where he earned degrees in Applied Mathematics and Philosophy.

Phone: 626.379.4192