Kayla Melander

Administrative Coordinator

Why LEO?

"I serve at LEO because I believe in the power of a group of people working together towards a meaningful pursuit of making a difference in the world. It has always been my belief that each one of us plays a role in making a positive impact on the world around us. When we each do something on our own it may seem small but when a group of people gather together all of a sudden it becomes something noteworthy. Ending poverty and ensuring that all people have access to being nourished and well fed is a fight worth taking on."


As an Administrative Coordinator for LEO, I work to support the mission of the team to end poverty. I assist in logistical support and clearing the pathway to ensure that all in the LEO department are able to reach their maximum efficiency. By providing support behind the scenes and accounting for each minute daily, it ensures that we are doing all we can to accomplish the mission in front of us. I received my BS in Business Management from Bethel College.

Email: kmelander@nd.edu
Phone: 574.631.3104
Office: Jenkins Nanovic 1020 front desk