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Over half of a million Americans experience homelessness each night.

LEO partners with housing organizations that provide a variety of services, from rapid rehousing to emergency financial assistance. 

By testing these different programs, LEO aims to find effective and cost-efficient methods to reduce homelessness.

Featured projects include the Homelessness Prevention Call Center, a phone center that connects callers at risk of becoming homelessness with local funding agencies that might be able to provide emergency financial assistance.

Housing Projects

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Project Name Project Stage Partner Name
Homelessness Prevention Call Center - Shelter Completed All Chicago, Catholic Charities Chicago
Landlord Responses to Housing Voucher Tenants In Progress Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Rapid Re-housing for Single Adults In Progress Santa Clara County
Subsidized Senior Housing Completed Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens
Youth and Family Homelessness Prevention Initiative In Progress Department of Community and Human Services in King County