Celebrating Rachel’s Promotion to Senior Associate Director of Policy and Impact at LEO

Author: Staff

In the unfolding story of the Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO), milestones are not merely marked by the achievements we tally, but by the profound journeys of the individuals who make these moments possible. Today, we celebrate a significant moment in our journey—a moment that encapsulates not just personal achievement but the essence of what makes LEO a force for good.

It is with immense joy that we announce the promotion of Rachel Fulcher Dawson to Senior Associate Director of Policy and Impact. This moment is not just a testament to Rachel's remarkable journey with LEO but a recognition of the indelible mark she has made on our mission.

From the moment Rachel joined us as LEO’s second hire, she has been nothing short of a pioneer. Her fingerprints are on nearly every facet of LEO’s endeavors, nurturing what we proudly refer to as the heartbeat of LEO. Rachel’s unwavering dedication and her innate ability to spearhead our Policy and Impact work have not only propelled our mission forward but have also set a standard of excellence and commitment.

Rachel’s strategic insight, leadership in building and guiding teams, and execution skills have been critical in advancing our objectives. Yet, what truly sets Rachel apart is her relentless pursuit of purpose, never losing sight of whom we serve and the impact we aspire to create.

Her journey with us is a vivid illustration of leadership that challenges and elevates, reminding us that the true measure of our work is not just in the outcomes we achieve but in the integrity and conviction with which we pursue them. Rachel challenges each of us to view the world differently, to be the best versions of ourselves, and to lead with a deep-seated conviction that we can make a difference.

To Rachel—thank you. Thank you for your pioneering spirit and for your profound impact not only on LEO but on all the lives you’ve touched. Here’s to the next chapter of your journey with LEO, where your leadership will continue to inspire and where together, we will write many more stories of hope, change, and impact.