Building the Big Picture Issue

Winter 2022

The Elephant's in the Details

A guest writer takes a look at an age-old parable and how it speaks to LEO's philosophy, illustrating not only that we need each other to make sense of the big picture, but also that we need each other to fully encounter the details.

Up at Night

"Our work at LEO is done with service provider partners leading the way. And while it is not always easy to integrate services and research, this type of partnership remains LEO’s heartbeat. The best solutions aren’t going to be discovered inside a building at Notre Dame. The best solutions are created by those closest to the problem of poverty, our partners, and the people they serve."

Passion for Evidence. Partners for Good.

A quick look at where we are in our 10-year anniversary celebration and what's coming next!

Taking on Take-up

Low take-up in social programs has long troubled service providers and researchers alike. Learn about what LEO and our partners are doing about it.

What the Experts Say

Learn more about several of LEO’s provider partners operating programs designed to address barriers and improve outcomes for veterans.

Future Learnings

A new project with Catholic Charities Chicago and the Hilton Foundation will help to understand if investment in intensive services for youth and families has a long-term impact on self-sufficiency outcomes.

Forming the Future

Since its founding, LEO has not only been measuring impact, we’ve also been producing it. Each year, interning at LEO provides a powerful and meaningful opportunity for Notre Dame undergraduates to apply their knowledge beyond the classroom. Doug (ND ‘93) and Kara Ciocca (ND ‘93) saw this potential from the beginning.

Force for Good

A collection of a few short highlights on the latest LEO happenings including an update on our national work with improving college access and success and an upcoming event you won't want to miss.


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