The Next Right Thing Issue

Spring/Summer 2024

The Next Right Thing

"Knowing we can do better, however, is a purgatory of mediocrity if the next obvious question isn’t 'why don’t we?' And at the risk of massively oversimplifying a layered, nuanced subject like homelessness—and poverty for that matter—I think it’s just too overwhelming."

Up at Night

"We can do better; we can love better. For LEO, rigorous research is the highest and widest use for good that we can provide to those living in poverty."

Calling Poverty's Fiercest Adversaries

“Now that we have built a strong foundation and have a substantial (and growing!) body of work, we’re honing in on impact. It’s not just about conducting rigorous research; it’s about ensuring that this research is actively used. We are intensifying our efforts to scale our impact operations, recognizing the moral imperative to turn evidence into action.”

What the Experts Say

"In the U.S., we’re also in the grips of a wild and unpredictable race—the 2024 election year. It’s a whirlwind of policy advocacy where it often seems the hare’s antics dominate the narrative, leaving little room for the diligent work of the tortoise. As a non-partisan research lab doing work in the policy arena, LEO faces some unique challenges during this hyperbolic season of national politics."

Future Learnings

"Poverty is a complex issue and the disparity in size between the sheer collective effort needed to eliminate it and the cumulative contributions a single individual can make is vast. It made me wonder about my fellow RAs—all of various tenures at LEO and backgrounds. What is it that gets them out of bed in the morning and what reflections might they have to say about their work?

Forming the Future

"Since LEO’s inception in 2012, we’ve welcomed over 110 undergraduate interns into our mission. They dive deep into roles spanning business operations, marketing, policy & impact, project development, and research. Many extend their commitment to LEO beyond their summer internships, contributing throughout the academic year.

The newly-launched Poverty Research Fellows (PRF) program is an exciting next best step in cultivating the hearts and minds of Notre Dame undergraduates who are committed to being a force for good."

Force for Good

A collection of a few short highlights on the latest LEO happenings.