Reid Ljungholm

Finance Administrative Assistant

Why LEO?

Growing up in a diverse socio-economic city, I developed a unique compassion for
those in poverty at an early age- which only grew as I participated in service trips
around the globe. Studying economics in college allowed me to apply that compassion
to metrics, where I discovered the value of supporting initiatives with research to combat
poverty. I am at LEO because I have found that they execute this intersection expertly. I
am pleased to support their mission in a financial role.


In his role, Reid supports our financial operations and grants administration through
financial management, reporting, budgeting, and grant funds administration. In addition
to his work with LEO, Reid will continue his assistance in growing a nonprofit
organization for at-risk youth in Detroit. Reid received his BS in Business Economics
from Wheaton College (IL) and his MS in Management, Finance from the University of
Notre Dame.