Rebecca Margolit

Research Associate

Why LEO?

I fell in love with economics when I came to understand that the field offered methods to understand the social problems that affect human welfare. I fell in love with research when I found that within it existed the solutions to these problems. As someone who grew up in an impoverished area, Leo's work of examining the possibilities that research can provide in an effort to end poverty and homelessness is personally important to me, and I cannot think of a more fulfilling life purpose.


Rebecca graduated with a B.S. in Economics from the University of California, Davis. Directly following, she worked for several years in the insurance industry as a claims adjudicator. However, as she had an opportunity to follow her passion for economics, she returned to graduate school to obtain her M.A. in Economics from San Diego State University where she began her career in research. Rebecca's interests include labor, health, and environmental economics. 

Phone: 574.631.8889
Office: Jenkins Nanovic 4039