LEO Hosts Webinar on "Nudging Towards a College Scholarship," Insights from an Enrollment Intervention

Author: Andrea Ringer

On November 1, Dr. Sarah Kroeger, LEO Assistant Research Professor, and Karla Lee, Director of Middle Schools with the South Bend Community School Corporation, shared findings from a nudge intervention to encourage enrollment in the 21st Century Scholars Program, a scholarship program to help low-income families in the state of Indiana pay for college. Sarah and Karla discussed the following topics:

  • Description of the economic problem of low enrollment
  • Research design and implementation of the evaluation
  • Working with LEO to conduct an evaluation
  • Findings of the evaluation and policy implications
  • Impact for South Bend Community School Corporation and individual students
  • Research-informed change in enrollment procedures as a result of the evaluation

The presentation slides can be viewed here.