Author: Grace Palmer

LEO co-founder Jim Sullivan and research faculty Patrick Turner were both in Wisconsin recently to present at the Institution for Research on Poverty's Summer Research Workshop. Here, Dr. Sullivan discussed the Padua Project and new paper, "Can Intensive Case Management Move People Out of Poverty? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluation." On this topic, he addressed the need for an intervention that is "more comprehensive and holistic" that also "includes several components designed to address the specific needs of each case including a detailed needs assessment, wrap-around case management administered by a two-person case management team with very small caseloads, and temporary financial assistance that is available on a case-by-case basis to address potential obstacles to self-sufficiency and incentivize behavior." Dr. Turner presented preliminary results from an evaluation of ReHire Colorado, a transitional jobs program run by the Colorado Department of Human Services that he has co-authored with Tania Barham and Brian Cadena