Intern Spotlight: Maggie Barrett

Author: Staff

LEO’s undergraduate interns gain real-world experience working on research to better understand and unleash effective poverty interventions. They work on all aspects of our projects including exploratory research, data analysis, project management, marketing and communications, and administration.

Our Academic Year 2021 intern class includes 12 of Notre Dame’s best and brightest students. Meet one of them now.

Meet Maggie

Class of 2023

Maggie Barrett

Maggie Barrett, an Economics and Global Affairs double major from South Bend, Indiana, continues her work with the undergraduate LEO team this Academic year as a Research Operations intern. For her first semester she is studying abroad in London where she is also interning at a nonprofit that works with London's homeless population. Maggie explained to us how she is looking forward to combining her internship experiences: “I'm excited to be simultaneously interacting directly with those in need, while also looking at poverty from a broader perspective through my work with LEO. So far it's been an important reminder of the human stories behind the data we collect, as well as a reminder of just how important the LEO mission is.”

We asked Maggie why she first chose to work for LEO. 

“LEO's mission embodies Notre Dame's desire to be a force for good in the world,” she said. “I'm so excited to participate in research that helps organizations more effectively serve their communities and can inform stronger and more equitable public policy in the fight against poverty.”

While on campus, Maggie enjoys being involved with the Center for Social Concerns and loves to play every interhall sport she can for her dorm, Cavanaugh. Besides the sports teams, one of the perks of being in Cavanaugh for Maggie is her close proximity to LaFortune Student Center, her favorite place on campus, where she can often be found.