Intern Spotlight: Brigid Meisenbacher

Author: Staff

LEO’s undergraduate interns gain real-world experience working on research to better understand and unleash effective poverty interventions. They work on all aspects of our projects including exploratory research, data analysis, project management, marketing and communications, and administration.

Our 2021 Academic Year intern class includes 12 of Notre Dame’s best and brightest students. Meet one of them now.

Meet Brigid

Class of 2022

Brigid Meisenbacher

Back for her second school year as a LEO intern is Brigid, an Economics and Mathematics double major from Warren, New Jersey. She’ll be continuing her role as a Project Design Research Assistant, working closely with LEO’s research team in the project development process.

We asked Brigid about what first drew her to LEO, and this is what she told us: “I wanted to engage in research that comes from working with community organizations to build relationships with those who really know what and where the need is. I'm excited to be involved with LEO's work to provide evidence that is meaningful and important for both service providers and policy makers.”

When asked what excites her about this school year specifically, Brigid said: “I am most looking forward to working with the Senior Companion Cohort, which extends upon the Senior Companionship pilot that I was able to contribute to this summer. It will definitely be interesting to see how all the design work we've done so far and the conversations we've had to understand the intervention will scale up to this cohort of providers.”

In her time outside of LEO, Brigid is president of the Economics Club here at Notre Dame. The Economics Club seeks to connect economics students with more opportunities to dive into the major and apply their passion into new research, careers, and other spaces. 

We also asked Brigid about her favorite spot at Notre Dame: “My favorite spot on campus is definitely the Grotto—it doesn't get much more beautiful or peaceful than there.”