In the News: LEO Partner and CEO

Author: Steven Koich

LEO partner and CEO of Sparrow Mobile Matt Bauer discusses the RefugeeMobile project and how bringing together technology and research can improve the integration of refugees into the U.S.

Sparrow mobile helps refugees integrate into the U.S. by providing them with smartphones and apps.

"Our reason for being is to do things like this – impact and profit are woven together for us 100 percent," Bauer said. "We had a conversation with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and it became very apparent that a lot of our theories of change mashed up. They brought in one of their partners, Refugee Services of Texas (RST), and then we collaborated applying for funding and received a discovery grant from the MacArthur Foundation. That all happened very quickly, probably in the span of five months. Then we added the University of Notre Dame’s Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO) who are doing the measurement and evaluation of the pilot. We all worked on program design and measuring outcomes, leading up to the launch in May."

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