Abode Services: 10 Years of Inspiring Partners

Author: Kathryn Desai

10 Years of Inspiring Partners

Our provider partners are the reason we are here and able to do this kind of work—rigorous research to build evidence on what works to reduce poverty and improve people’s lives. We could think of no way to better celebrate our 10-year anniversary than by celebrating our partners—poverty’s fiercest adversaries. In this spirit, we asked LEO staff to write a letter to an organization that inspires them. Watch LEO co-founder, Jim Sullivan, read the letter he wrote to Abode Services. 

Abode Services is at the center of homelessness response efforts in San Francisco. They provide permanent supportive housing, short to medium-term rental assistance, emergency shelters, clinical health care services, and other housing stability services to roughly 10,000 households in six counties across the Bay Area every year.