Why Partner With Us?

There are many reasons why partnering with LEO can advance your organization’s mission.  Here are some of the most common benefits that our partners have told us matter to them.

  • Free IconOur research is free. Yes, you heard right. Free. You pay for services. We pay for research. It’s pretty brave to be willing to test what you do. We don’t want money to be a barrier for you to learn.
  • Yes IconToday, you are turning clients away, often more than the number you serve. Today, your no’s mean no hope. Tomorrow, you could learn from the no’s you give, by inviting us to study what happens for people who get your services and those who don’t. And this will position you well into the future—to have the evidence of what works. Over time, you can use this information to enable you to say “yes” more.
  • Knowledge IconYou got into this work to make a difference. You chose to commit your life to service—not to maintain the status quo, but so things would look different for people in need. Impact starts with knowing. We want to support that vision you have for your life. 
  • Profit IconMore evidence equals more money. Philanthropy is starting to demand more regarding your organization’s impact. Numbers served and the percentage of your budget that goes to services are metrics of the past. Metrics of the future—what philanthropists care about—include the impact you are making in clients' lives. What is different because of what you do? What outcomes are you achieving? What is the long-term effect of your services? Being able to answer these questions helps you raise more money to support your mission.
  • Leader IconIt makes you a better leader of your organization. Many of our partners report that they want to impact the lives of those they serve, but often don’t know what interventions are leading to what outcomes. A partnership with LEO allows you to be a better equipped leader. When we provide you with the evidence of your program’s impact, you, in turn, can make more informed decisions about where to invest, what to grow, and maybe what to shrink.
  • Validation IconLEO research is third-party validation of your work. We are truth-tellers. You don’t pay us, and we allow the evidence to speak for itself. Many supporters find third-party validation of your work critical to their future investments. LEO offers an opportunity for you to receive that third-party validation, and the Notre Dame brand carries with it additional rigor and trust.