Our Approach

LEO works to reduce poverty by:


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LEO connects on-the-ground service providers, governments, and others interested in evaluating the impact and cost-effectiveness of their programs and policies with a national network of researchers.


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LEO works closely with partners to design and implement top tier impact evaluations, a subset of evaluations (e.g., randomized controlled trials, natural experiments) that provides cause-and-effect level information about a program’s direct impact on key outcomes.

  • Technical Assistance: Throughout the research process, LEO provides in-depth and customized technical assistance.
  • Real Time Project Management: LEO maintains a permanent research team of field experienced Principal Investigators and Research Associates ready to partner on evaluation projects in real time.


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Findings from evaluations provide practical insights for both on-the-ground programming and key policy and funding decisions. LEO actively disseminates evaluation findings to service providers, policymakers, funders, and other partners through peer reviewed academic publications, policy briefs, presentations, press releases, social media, the LEO website, and other channels.