Non-Partisan Support for Evidence-Based Policymaking

New federal budgets include increased funding for evidence-based policies. Agencies should devote more resources to randomized studies using existing administrative data records. Read More

LEO to be part of University's Plan to Increase Investment in Research

John McGreevy, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, cites LEO as a key piece of the growth of the Economics Department. Read more about the "Advancing Our Vision" Initiative. 

LEO Affiliate Melissa Kearney Appointed Director of the Hamilton Project

The Hamilton Project produces innovative policy proposals on how to create a growing economy that benefits more Americans. Learn more about Kearney's recent appointment. 

LEO Co-founder Bill Evans Comments on Health 

Evans, along with colleagues Barbara Wolfe and Nancy Adler from the Institute for Research on Poverty, publishes a review of the existing evidence on the relationship between socioeconomic status and health. Read their commentary