Reducing poverty and improving lives
through evidence-based programs and policies

What We Do How We Do It

Sparrow Mobile
“Our goal is for RefugeeMobile to become a standard practice in refugee resettlement and without the proper measurement, analysis and research that would not be possible... LEO is providing an invaluable resource to RefugeeMobile.”
- Matt Bauer, CEO and Co-Founder at Sparrow
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa
“LEO has already dramatically improved Nightingale by allowing us to design tighter systems and internal controls... It is important that we are maximizing our impact on the lives of those we serve, and LEO will allow us to truly understand that. ”
- Jennielynn Holmes-Davis, Director of Shelter and Housing at Catholic Charities Santa Rosa
Wilson Sheehan Foundation
“The entire philanthropic community will benefit from LEO’s research, and as a result, the world’s poor will be served by more effective services.”
- Chris Wilson, Trustee, Wilson Sheehan Foundation