Seth Zissette

Senior Research Associate

Why LEO?

“Growing up, my mother--a kindergarten teacher--instilled in me many lessons, but two stand out: the joy of learning, and the even greater joy of using what we have learned to help others. These drove me to seek a career in compassionate research that aims to improve peoples’ lives–an ideal core to LEO that inspires my work every day.

I love working at LEO because I get to both interact with service providers who inspire me by their hard work to improve their clients’ lives, and work with those service providers to build evidence around their programs to potentially help even more people.”


Seth helps see LEO’s research projects through from launch to finish. This involves working with research teams and service providers to prepare research materials, train research team members, monitor study progress, analyze data, and report results. Before joining the LEO research team, Seth served as a Research Associate at FHI 360. He received his BA in Anthropology & Afro-American Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and he earned his MA in Global Health from Duke University.

Phone: 574.631.4043
Office: Jenkins Nanovic 3104