Marci Ybarra

Marci  Ybarra

Associate Professor of Social Work
University of Chicago
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Immigrants , Pregnant Women, Socioeconomic Outcomes for Low-income Families

Marci A. Ybarra, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration. Her research interests include poverty and inequality, social service delivery, work supports, and family well-being. Professor Ybarra conducts quantitative analysis of administrative and longitudinal survey data in addition to qualitative analysis through participant-observation and in-depth interviewing at social service agencies.

Her research is concerned with the impact of public supports on the well-being of low-income families. She currently investigates three different areas of social policy and how these affect economically disadvantaged families by impacting both their work and family life: welfare reform, child care, and Paid Family Leave. Her research on welfare reform considers how different welfare policies shape entry, use, and exits from welfare programs and subsequent economic outcomes for poor, single-mothers with children. Another line of research considers how different allocations of public provisions (child care subsidies) and specific policies, related to child care impact how families decide to use the child care subsidy system, changes in employment patterns, and child care stability fluctuations over time.

Marci is currently active on the Stay the Course and Padua programs!