Lindsay Mvalo

Partnership Program Manager

Why LEO?

Countless strategies have been utilized to combat poverty in this country and have not made a meaningful impact- but some strategies are working. Understanding what works to address the pernicious effects of poverty is critical to service providers, policymakers, and, most importantly, individuals experiencing poverty firsthand. I joined LEO after years of working in the social service sector and as a grant writer because of this focus on learning and building evidence in the anti-poverty space. I was drawn to LEO because of its commitment to work with partners in the social service sector to identify what is effective and what is scalable.


As Partnership Program Manager, Lindsay identifies and vets grant opportunities and ushers the research team through the grants process from concept to submission. She is responsible for LEO’s grant reporting and agreements. Lindsay worked in several capacities in the social service sector for over a decade. She spent much of this time working in refugee resettlement both in Texas and in Sub-Saharan Africa for nonprofit organizations including Catholic Charities of Fort Worth, Church World Service, and the International Rescue Committee. Lindsay began working as a grant writer for the Dallas Public Library system in 2017 and most recently worked as a grants project manager for Collin County Community College District. Lindsay received her BA in International Studies from Austin College and MA in International Development with a focus on NGOs and Civil Society from the University of Pittsburgh.