Carlie Lamke

Research Associate

Why LEO?

"Once I learned about the complexity of poverty that individuals suffer internationally, I knew I’d found a calling. After completing my undergraduate degree in 2019, I started looking for a role that would allow me to help bring positive change to the lives of marginalized individuals and populations. I've found exactly this at LEO. The lab is at an academic institution, but the reach and impact of the work is focused externally. It's awesome to work alongside incredible organizations to study and support visible, measurable changes that will most effectively lift people out of poverty."


Carlie works with LEO's service provider partners to study their interventions aimed at lifting people out of poverty. She conducts research on projects focused on homelessness prevention and higher education achievement for underrepresented populations. Carlie is from Wisconsin, and graduated with her BA in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2019. She joined LEO in 2020.