Becca Brough

Research Associate

Why LEO?

“I joined LEO to gain exposure to studies that use a variety of rigorous research methods to answer policy-relevant questions. Economics' diversity and applicability to various topic areas, including those integral to the lives of the most marginalized, make it such a powerful tool in fighting poverty. 

A highlight of my role is the opportunity to build relationships with partner agencies. The importance of LEO’s work lies in the need for our partners’ programs and the magnitude of the issues they address. It’s a privilege to support their work.”


Becca manages a portfolio of impact evaluations in a variety of critical research areas, including self-sufficiency, education, and criminal justice. She works alongside social service providers and faculty to support ongoing projects’ logistics and data analysis tasks. Becca holds a BA in Economics and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia, and her research interests include transportation and health.

Phone: 574.631.1520
Office: Jenkins Nanovic 3104