Reducing poverty and improving lives
through evidence-based programs and policies

What We Do How We Do It

Catholic Charities Chicago
“Having a well-respected evaluator lends credibility and transparency.”
- Kathy Donahue, Senior V.P. for Program Development, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago
Catholic Charities Fort Worth
“Strong research can not only lend support to a new, promising intervention, but it can also let policy makers and practitioners know when it is time to improve or move away from practices that are less effective.”
- Corinne Weaver, Director of Evaluation & Research, Catholic Charities Fort Worth
Wilson Sheehan Foundation
“The entire philanthropic community will benefit from LEO’s research, and as a result, the world’s poor will be served by more effective services.”
- Chris Wilson, Trustee, Wilson Sheehan Foundation