Partner with LEO

Why Partner with LEO?

Rigorous evaluations can help you: 

  • Understand the impact of an existing program and any opportunities to improve
  • Pilot-test a new program and make scale-up decisions
  • Inform decisions about where and how to best allocate resources
  • Expand fundraising opportunities

LEO will help you with:

  • Design and implementation of a rigorous evaluation project.
  • Customized technical assistance throughout the research process.
  • In-depth project management services, including monitoring and site visits.
  • Spreading the word about effective programs.

What is LEO Looking For?

Programs that Serve Vulnerable Populations

  • LEO focuses on programs that prevent or treat the challenges that keep children and families in poverty.  
  • Our focus areas are: Housing, Health, Education, Criminal Justice and Self-Suffiency.

Clearly Defined, Measurable And Time Bound Outcomes

  • LEO focuses on quantitative outcomes, thus a clearly defined outcome that directly relate to the goals of the program.
  • Ideally, there are outcomes data already being measured and collected by your agency for reporting purposes (Administrative Data).

Sufficient Sample Size

  • In general, larger programs are a better fit for impact evaluations.
  • The needed sample size will vary from project to project, depending on what outcomes we are trying to measure.  

Excess Demand for Services

  • Resource constraints often keep agencies from providing services to everyone in need.  
  • LEO can help service agencies turn this into an opportunity by measuring differences in outcomes for the group of clients that received services as compared to the group that did not.  

Scalability and Replicability

  • LEO is looking to evaluate programs that have the potential to be replicated by other service providers and/or scaled up on a national level. 
  • LEO seeks programs that have relevance to a wide range of practitioners and policymakers

How to Get Started with LEO

LEO’s work depends on the willingness of local agencies to partner with us.

If you have an innovative program and you want to demonstrate its impact on individuals families in poverty, please contact us at