Winter 2020

The Fighting Injustice Issue

Winter 2020

Fighting injustice with evidence

What we've been learning about race and inequality. 

The thrill of hope

The world is weary. And LEO's partners want this weary world, and the people they serve, rejoicing. 

Calling poverty's fiercest adversaries

As millions of American families are fighting for their livelihoods, LEO partners are fighting with them. 

What the experts say: Poverty and justice in 2020

If ever there was a need for programs that truly reduce poverty and improve lives, it is now. 

Future learnings: Our Criminal Justice Initiative

Outsmarting poverty means starting at the source. When it comes to criminal justice work, this means intervening before a person winds up in federal prison. 

Forming the future

LEO helped Notre Dame undergrad Megan Allen answer some big questions. 

A force for good

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