Service Providers

Why Partner with LEO?

Social service providers work most closely with people in-need and are constantly inventing or improving programs to best serve clients. The key to reducing poverty is to bring these programs to scale throughout the nation. The best vehicle for encouraging this is convincing evidence of program effectiveness. LEO's goal is to identify these innovative programs, measure the impact they have on clients, and export the most successful programs to other communities.

Program evaluations help service providers identify their most effective programs and demonstrate their impact.  Concrete evidence of program impact is critical for securing support from donors, foundations, and government agencies. By identifying both the strengths and weaknesses of a program, evaluations also help service providers improve program design. For a program shown to be effective, scalable, and replicable, evaluation widens the impact it can have on reducing poverty nationwide.

What is LEO Looking For? 

Certain programs lend themselves to evaluation more easily than others.  When thinking about which of your programs might be a good fit for LEO, keep in mind the following factors that characterize strong candidates for evaluation: 

How do I Get Involved?

LEO’s ability to find research driven poverty solutions and to advocate for policies that truly serve those most in need relies on the willingness of local agencies to partner with us. If you have an innovative program that you believe helps move individuals and families out of poverty, please consider submitting a “Proposal for Evaluation Partnerships.” Fill out the short Proposal Form here

If you would like more information on the lab or have questions about how to get involved, please contact us at